Torch PCB layout

    Torches (flashlights) are quite cool, and spectacularly bright torches are even cooler. However, most DIY torches over a few thousand lumens are cumbersome and impractical, and often have an unusably short battery life. For this project I sought to fix all those issues and more -- a lofty goal of which I ultimately fell somewhat short.
    The bulk of the work went into designing the PCB above. It is a boost converter aimed specifically at high power LEDs, and for its design I had the following requirements:
    1. Wide input and output voltage range
    2. Input current up to 12 amps
    3. Output current up to 3 amps
    4. Low profile construction, diameter of 1.75" (44mm)
    5. Overtemperature and undervoltage cutoff
    These goals were met, though with some qualifications. Its input voltage range is 5-40V, and the maximum output is 80V. The physical constraints were also satisified. 


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